Friday, 30 April 2010

I wanna rock on the moon, a-rock rock rock
Well, rock on the moon, a-rock rock rock
Well, rock on the moon, brother, rock and roll tonight

Thursday, 29 April 2010

I was a teenage werewolf

Song of the day. The Cramps are so so good.

But I found out that bones with flesh are more interesting than bones without.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Boobs, Bras & Dinosaurs


I started my FMP about 4 weeks ago now, i've taken 2 and a half shoots (half shoot is me a little naked and too embarrassed to show people/there not great.) But yeah, the idea for my FMP was taken from my A level exam titled identity and exploring androgyny and ambiguous style of photography.

This made me think about the reversal of gender roles and how much history is full of men dressing as women and vice versa. Such as, in the Trojan war, Achilles was dressed in women's clothing by his mother Thetis at the court of Lycomedes, to hide him from Odysseus who wanted him to join the war. But Joan of Arc conversely dresses as a man to join the army - swapping identities.

As i researched i found out that Marcel Duchamp was photographed as his feminine alter ego Rose Selavy and the artist Grayson Perry appears as his alter ego claire. In music there has been many artists who have embraced gender-bending roles; - from Bowie and Boy George to Patrick Wolf and Marilyn Manson.

I have hugely been inspired by todays fashion worn by men, and how similar it is to women's. The mixing of masculine and feminine characteristics within fashion. ....

blah blah blah theres more to this but i really cannot be bothered to type it all out, i've been repeating myself so many times to explain this FMP. group crit tomorrow anyway. yay.

i'll post the photos now.

Yours Truly

Natasha x

Me again

so i must continue to use this blog, to mainly post my work. As i'm not a pro on flickr, that ain't going to last long..